Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits

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Your organization likely has limited time, budget and resources to create an effective marketing program you love. Our team of experienced marketers specialize in helping nonprofit organizations in obtaining available advertising grants. We craft effective strategies and find sustainable marketing solutions that propels your company’s mission forward.

AdGrant Overview

If you’re a Federally Qualified Health Center or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Google Ad grant program offers up to $120,000 in annual funding towards your Google search advertising

Reach people who need your help

Nonprofits are eligible for up to $10,000 in advertising grants in kind from Google Ads. This program has proven to be a game changer for many organizations. The ad grant allows organizations of all sizes find more patients, residents, donors, and so much more all while spreading the message of their cause!


Through strategic targeting, we help you reach page one on Google search. Digital campaign strategies include:

keyword research



and more!


Get more phone calls with ads that offer an easy click-to-call button

Get more appointment bookings with online ads that direct people to your website

Get more customers, patients and residents in the door by with ads that help people find you on a map.

A simplified process

From start to finish we play a hands on role in your marketing initiatives.


Application Process

Strategy & Design




Campaign Ascension


Once the ads have begun, Google will track your ads metrics as you move through the program. This is to ensure you are following the guidelines put in place to maintain expectations. It is important to stay within the metrics so you can continue to be qualified for the program. Thus, it is important to have a qualified Ad specialist running your company account. If you fall below the click rate, Google monitors for 60 days until the account is ultimately deactivated.

The AdGrant money is strictly used for ads and can not be allocated in any other way, it also does not roll over into next months budget.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other nonprofits say.

"Community Treatment, Inc. (COMTREA) has been using TC for a few months. The team has been so helpful in getting our campaign us and running. Sales reps and direct support staff have been friendly and very knowledgeable. I am pleased with this partnership and believe COMTREA will benefit greatly from TC services."

Nathanael Herbert


"Target Continuum has done an amazing job in assisting in the acquisition of a Google AdGrant and continues to support and improve its effectiveness.  I strongly encourage any non-profit organization to partner with TC, you'll not be disappointed!"

Steve Muller

Beacon College


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Application Process?

Applying takes place in your Google non-profit account. (We will help to create one with you). Tech-Soup then verifies your 501 c-3 status. For each of your campaigns we select many keywords, establish bidding strategies and create multiple text ads. Google will then review our campaign for compliance and also do a predictive analysis. Then, generally will approve your grant opportunity.

What are the Compliance Metrics?

The Google Ad Grant Program has Compliance metrics that need to be regularly met and managed. If you are not compliant for 30 days, Google will send you a warning that your ads are not meeting expectations. If after 60 days you have still fallen below the requirements, your ad grant will be taken away.  Although it is possible for you to reapply for the grant, it can sometimes be difficult to get reaccepted. This is why it is important to work with an experienced agency in the Google Ad Grant program, preferably in your niche, so that you are able to keep within the guidelines using quality ads.

What if I am on a limited budget?

The more limited the budget, the more important it is to be strategic with your marketing plan to ensure better aim toward goals. It is also important to have better tracking and testing implemented into the process, as you will want to optimize all marketing efforts. Google Ad Grants is a wonderful solution to getting in front of your audience with a small budget.  Content marketing is also a great way to connect your audience with your message as you position yourself as a credible source of valuable information. 

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