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We help assist in your Association's COVID-19 initiatives using strategic marketing campaigns for FQHC's and Look-a-Likes. We've reached millions of patients and helped them find the care they need during this pandemic. We speak FQHC and are experts in understanding each facilities goals, mission and most importantly, how to effectively reach their patients.
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Your Association and Member FQHC's are Eligible for a $120k Marketing Grant.

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Fqhc Digital campaigns

We understand the FQHC patient base and have dedicated strategies to effectively reaching them.  
Here are some examples of successful strategies we use: 

Reaching Unengaged Patients

We recognize that 20-40% of the patient population is disengaged and not showing up to their appointments. We first help to identify the reason they aren't showing, then we run digital campaigns to provide solutions. Do they have limited access to transportation? Are they scared to go to their provider during a pandemic? Whatever the reason is, it is important to assure them you've taken their concerns into consideration and provide solutions to make them feel comfortable.

New Mover Campaigns

During the pandemic, 20% of people moved, which is historically one of the biggest reasons for losing patients. We have focused strategies that target new movers into an area to promote the facilities services and providers.

Reaching Uninsured Patients

Uninsured patients make up a large percentage of federally funded health centers. This comes at a major cost to the facility. We have focused strategies to reaching these patients and providing solutions to getting them insured. Strategic approach to reaching them and providing them with insurance enrollment solutions.

We're Bilingual! We Reach Your Spanish Speaking Patients Population

Not only do we speak FQHC, we speak Spanish too! Hispanic patients often make a up a considerable portion of an FQHC's patient base. We've seen healthcare campaigns with a 400% increase in conversions by using Spanish ads. Our ads target your Hispanic patient population so they are not excluded to the services and care their local facility provides.

COVID Testing and Vaccinations

One of the biggest efforts this year is to keep your patient population safe from COVID-19. We run campaigns that drive more patients to healthcare facilities to be tested, vaccinated or to get educated on the virus.

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