Harnessing the Power of Press Releases: Why FQHCs Should Utilize This Essential Tool

Press releases are ​an invaluable​ yet often overlooked ​tool that can ​provide major ​benefits for Federally Qualified Health​ Centers (FQHCs). By crafting ​compelling press ​releases and distributing ​them strategically, FQHCs ​can build credibility,​ forge valuable partnerships, ​nurture local media relationships, ​and attract new patients. This ​powerful content ​format allows clinics to ​showcase their ​expertise, ​highlight achievements, ​disseminate important news, ​and position themselves ​as go-to community ​health resources. According to a survey of reporters compiled by Cision, 44% of the journalists surveyed said they consider press releases as the most trustworthy source of brand related information. Any ​FQHC looking ​to boost its ​visibility and growth ​would be remiss ​not to harness the ​potential of ​well-targeted ​press releases.

Exhibit Your Expertise: How Press Releases Establish Credibility for FQHCs  

One ​​of the key advantages ​of press releases ​for FQHCs is the ​ability to exhibit ​knowledge and proficiency. Press ​releases ​provide the ideal ​canvas for demonstrating​ in-depth understanding of healthcare ​issues affecting ​your service population. For ​instance, releasing ​data on trends​ in chronic conditions​ afflicting your ​community, or ​sharing success stories ​about innovative treatment ​programs allows​ you to be perceived ​as thought ​leaders in your field.

According to a Nielsen and InPowered study, earned media like press releases is more effective than owned or paid media in influencing consumer opinions. By ​consistently ​providing educational ​content via press ​releases, FQHCs can ​establish themselves ​as trusted sources of health ​information in ​their region. For example, ​clinics serving predominantly geriatric patients have used press releases about the latest advancements in managing age-related conditions or senior care best practices to position themselves as experts in elder health.

Forging ​Partnerships and ​Collaborations: The Role of Press Releases for FQHCs  

Beyond ​just exhibiting ​expertise, press ​releases also ​facilitate connections with potential partners ​that can further ​an FQHC’s mission. Well-crafted press releases distributed through the right channels can help forge mutually beneficial relationships with other clinics, hospitals, nonprofits, government agencies, and community organizations operating in the same region or sector.

Partnerships ​formed as a result ​of effective outreach ​provide opportunities ​for resource sharing, collaborative ​health initiatives, and ​improved access ​to comprehensive ​care options for patients. For instance, an FQHC may use a press release about expanding behavioral health services to connect with mental health nonprofits, leading to referrals and shared programming. Or a release about a new diabetes management program could help bring together endocrinology clinics, nutritionists, gyms, and health educators to form a diabetes coalition improving community support.

Unlocking​ the Potential of Local​ Media: Building Relationships through Press Releases

In addition ​to facilitating partnerships, ​press releases open ​valuable avenues to establish and nourish relationships ​with local media outlets. Developing ​connections with local ​newspapers, radio stations, ​magazines, bloggers, ​and other media provides ​opportunities for increased visibility ​and coverage. However, generic press release distribution is unlikely to capture media interest. 

The key ​is providing targeted ​content that ​aligns with each ​publication’s focus and ​audience needs. An FQHC catering to low-income or uninsured residents may garner coverage from a paper focused on social justice issues by sharing a release about expanded financial assistance programs. A clinic serving large numbers of non-English speakers could secure coverage in minority media outlets by announcing the addition of translation services. FQHCs willing to take the time to craft locally relevant press releases and build genuine media relationships can reap the benefits of enhanced public recognition and reputation.

The ​Power of ​Press Releases in ​Patient Acquisition

One ​of the most ​tangible benefits ​of press releases ​for FQHCs is ​their power to ​drive patient acquisition ​efforts. While press releases build credibility and relationships as outlined above, they can also serve as patient recruitment tools to attract community members in need of care. Developing a strategic press release campaign targeting local media and online outlets frequented by potential patients can generate significant interest and lead inquiries.

For example, announcing the arrival of new physicians or services via press release can raise awareness among those searching for convenient care options. Sharing grand opening plans for a new clinic location similarly helps publicize its services. According to a BrightLocal study, 88% of consumers trust online reviews equally to personal recommendations – so media coverage and online mentions stemming from strong press release distribution can be highly influential for patients selecting healthcare providers.

It’s Time to Use Press Releases to Inspire Your FQHC’s Growth: Get Started with Target Continuum

In summary, implementing an impactful press release strategy with proper distribution methods is essential if we want to build credibility, forge partnerships, court media attention, and attract patients to our FQHC. But producing effective press releases requires time, skill and local community knowledge. That’s why specialized healthcare marketing firms like Target Continuum exist – to help streamline the process for FQHCs like yours through tailored solutions. Contact us today to discuss how we can unleash the potential of press releases for your FQHC.

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