Maximizing Your Second Round and Residual ECV Funding

Earlier this month, HRSA announced the extension of ECV funding and additional funds for qualified nonprofits. While this is certainly exciting, many qualified nonprofits have found themselves at a loss for how to use their new or residual funding and are even prepared to give it back. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Here are five strategies to maximize your second round of funding or make the most of residual funding.

The Money Multiplier: Google Ad Grant

Another great way to maximize both residual and second-round ECV funding is to leverage the Google Ad Grant. The Google Ad Grant is an annual in-kind donation of $120,000 for qualifying FQHCs, look-a-likes, 501(c)(3)’s, and non-profits.  The residual and second-round ECV funding may be used to kickstart your Google Ads by hiring a campaign manager to help you to design, strategize, and oversee the funds. In doing so, you can maximize your funding and turn $27,500 into $120,000. Not only will this allow you to maximize the money itself, but you will also drive new patients to your website, resulting in new patients.

Expand Your Reach: CTV & Display Ads

If you are not already running CTV or display ads, this can be a great place to start. If you are, adding your residual funds or second round of funds to existing campaigns may extend the life and reach of campaigns.  These two campaigns complement each other well in order to maximize your impact. CTV conveys the values and tone of your brand. Meanwhile, display ads are an ideal way to target a bulk audience. Together, they can round out your ECV-funded campaigns and provide one last push for new patients. Remember, while these campaigns will have a smaller volume, performance should remain proportional.

Power of the Press… Release

Press Releases are a great way to inform and educate your community about your COVID-19 resources and drive new and returning patients back into your facility. Additionally, they may spark your local journalism platforms to take an interest in your offerings; PR Newswire found that 44% of journalists use press releases as a primary source for their news stories. If you are not already utilizing the press release, this could be a great solution to consider for your ECV funding!

Timing is Everything: COVID-19 Assessment

As healthcare providers, we are constantly looking for opportunities to provide our patients with more resources. Making decisions about COVID vaccinations can be confusing and overwhelming; many of our clients have found success by implementing a COVID-19 Vaccination tool. This tool patients to answer a few questions and be presented with options and next steps that may suit them.

Be Where They Are When They Are: Paid Search

Paid search campaigns may be another good fit for your residual or second round of ECV funding. The Paid search ads allow you to take advantage of the curiosity your patients already have. By using search engine optimization and paid search media, you can bring your clinic to the forefront of their searches. This helps the patient to visualize you as a potential solution to the health issues that they are facing. Paid search also targets geographically in order to make sure that you are targeting the people closest to your clinic.

We’ve found that each of these campaign categories has been an allowable use of funds. Finding the right combination of strategies can help you to most effectively use your ECV funds.  If you are interested in learning more or working with Target Continuum, reach out today!

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