What We Do

The TC Cares Project is a philanthropic initiative designed by Target Continuum to help address specific financial constraints experienced by nonprofit healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. We currently work with over 600 nonprofit healthcare sites nationwide and have provided many with the financial assistance they needed to accomplish their goals they have for their communities.

The TC Mission

To Affect Positive Change in Population Health One Community at a Time.

To accomplish our mission, we provide our clients effective and fiscally responsible community outreach, patient education, and data-driven marketing strategies to connect your healthcare providers with more patients and ultimately bridge the gap between health education and better population health outcomes.


Who is Eligible?

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Get in Touch with our Team

TC is always looking for mission-driven individuals who have a passion for helping the healthcare sector better connect and serve their patients.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Our financial assistance can provide waived management fees, free commercials, discounted outreach strategies for your clinic, and more. Apply for the TC Financial Assistance Fund below to see if your organization qualifies.

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Google AdGrant Assistance

The Google Ad Grant is a $10,000 per month in-kind advertising credit for Google Ads that 501 c-3 FQHC’s, Look a Like’s or CMHC’s can leverage for almost all of their patient outreach and education initiatives.

Our Core Beliefs

We Believe that Health Equity Must Extend to Patient Education and Outreach.

Not everyone has access to the proper health education and as a result their health suffers. We firmly believe to affect change; healthcare organizations need a comprehensive strategy to outreach to patients with the right health information and actively promote equitable access to quality providers throughout their service areas. Proper implementation of these strategies will…

Vision & Values

We envision a world where ALL populations have equitable access to healthcare options. Target Continuum has an extortionary track record of success because of the value we add to our clients, allowing that value to transcend to communities and the patients that call it home.

Financial Assistance Application

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