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Improving Your Patient's Health Outcomes &
Maximizing Reimbursements

It’s time for better Chronic Care Management Remote Patient Monitoring  Telehealth Solutions Value Based Care

Patient Value: Our easy to use, HIPPA compliant CCM & RPM solutions promote improved health outcomes for patients with underlying chronic conditions. This patient-centric platform is complete with a medication & nutrition log, reminders and alerts to detect anomalies and an on-call care team to consistently monitor patient physiological state to ensure patient is consistently receiving value-based care.

Provider Value: We make it easier than ever to lower your costs and increase outcomes with a cloud based virtual care platform. Enable your clinicians to remotely monitor high risk and high-cost patients, all while an effortless connection with your EMR keeps your team working efficiently within established clinical operations.

Easy-To-Use Cloud Based Platform

User friendly for Providers, Patients and Admin. Easily integrate with current clinical  workflow and operations. 

Patient Engagement Centric

Secure messaging, video calls, medication reminders & family connect options ensuring patients stay top of mind throughout their health journey. 

Condition Care Plans

Care plans, automated triggers & preprogrammed vital thresholds to ensure patients get care they expect and deserve

Alerts & Triggers

Pre-configured alerts are set to detect anomalies. Care teams are notified and can reach patients via our portal allowing all communications to be documents & archived. 

Maximum Reimbursement

Time practitioners spend reviewing data and in appointments is auto logged. Time aggregates & CPT codes are auto prompted & billing reports are generated

Affordable & ROI Focused

Healthy for your patients & your bottom line. The average ROI on RPM per 100 patients is $136,800

Outsourced Monitoring Services

Full-service monitoring allows a CCM & RPM program to rollout and monitor at scale. Efficient and effective outsourcing to give patients the care they need.

Privacy, Security, & HIPPA Compliance

HIPPA security and privacy provisions with data encryption

60 %
Of Providers Named RPM Top Cost Saver​
$ 50
AVG RPM Revenue Per Patient​
70 %
Of Chronic Patients Expected to Adopt RPM​


Compatible with over 600 different devices so you can easily integrate with your patient's current situation

RPM CPT Billing Codes

cpt 99453

Initial setup and training. One time reimbursement per patient

cpt 99454

Reimbursement for RPM medical devices

cpt 99457

20 minutes + remote physiological monitoring by clinical staff/ physician/ QHCP

cpt 99458

20 minutes of clinical staff care management outside of office visits

cpt 99091

30 minutes of physician care management outside of office visits

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Don't just take our word for it...

"We were close to the 16% National Readmission rate at one point but thanks to the platform, we are now at 1%."

David Teachey

VP, RN BSN, South Carolina House Calls

"After I found out that I contracted the COVID-19 virus, the platform's technological platform allowed me to stay home instead of in the ICU. Of all the companies we worked with, the platform was always on top – their solution was nimble, agile, and quite honestly, extremely impressive."

Michael Maron

CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

"Raji, Peter, Ernie and the rest of the the platform's team – thank you again for being so responsive and such a good partner as we navigate the COVID pandemic. I am grateful to be working with you and look forward to our future collaborations and projects."

Carol Vargas

CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

"We looked for the right Virtual Care vendor for years and fortunately, we found this product. They have the most comprehensive and flexible platform on the market."

Rod Cruz

GM, Healthcare Solutions, AT&T

"This platform has the most user friendly, robust platform in the Virtual Care space."

Ed Marx

Chief Digital Officer, HealthNxt

"Thank you for your ongoing support! We are enjoying our implementation."

Katie Riley

VP, Post Acute Chief Nursing Officer, Post Acute Division, Advocate Aurora Health

"The software is always evolving – in a good way. Changes and updates are made quickly and efficiently and much of it is based on client recommendations and feedback, which is very impressive from a customer service standpoint."

David Teachey

VP, RN BSN, South Carolina House Calls

"Our experience with the software has been nothing short of positive – the platform is responsive to the needs of their clients and are always willing to change or pivot in their wants as well."

RPM Client Testimonial

"The implementation and roll out was incredibly simple. We approached from a batch stance and it has gone so well!"

RPM Client Testimonial

"I strongly believe that the platform has the overall superior product for our wants and needs."

Kevin C

"The platform's real-time monitoring and alerts allowed for fast, and sometimes lifesaving, response. The cost to both doctor and patient was far less than standard, on-site doctor visits."

Michael Maron

CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

"I usually only hear from residents when there is a problem and fortunately, I have not heard anything but positive feedback. Your customer service has been excellent. We look forward to help promote the platform's brand!"

Executive Director

Elegance Living

"Pretty impressive work- and the credit for this program goes back to EACH OF YOU who are serving our patients daily and using this valuable tool, RPM, to promote better patient quality of life and reducing readmissions to the acute care settings. As a reminder, our program is currently sitting at a less than 1% readmit rate for the patients served under RPM - compared to a national average of 16%!"

RPM Client Testimonial

CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

"The company appears to have done their homework and can demonstrate proven CPT reimbursement data across several different types of provider systems. The ROI for set up and monitoring provides a reasonable new revenue generating platform for practices while most likely also improving clinical outcomes."

Medical Director/Clinical Consultant

All Care Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPM

Remote patient monitoring is a division of telehealth that allows providers to utilize health technology to monitor acute or chronic conditions of a patient. Additionally, RPM allows the provider to communicate, detect, test, and monitor from a remote location. All data is sent to a secure cloud data base that interfaces with the patients’ devices which record many health metrics including vitals, blood sugar, oxygen, physical exercise and more. During this process, the provider interfaces with the patient through secure messaging and can determine if patient should be admitted or readmitted to the hospital based on current health recordings.  This drastically reduces the number of patients who readmit to the hospital after being released while providing better value and a hands-on experience for the patient to get involved with their own health outcomes.

RPM applies digital technologies to monitor and generate clinically relevant data from patients. This data is stored and electronically transmitted to their permitted providers for evaluation and potential intervention. This process offers healthcare providers deeper insight into an individual’s behavioral and physiologic measures in their natural habitat.

What is monitored on RPM?

RPM is utilized for monitoring patients’ vital signs, nutrition, medical management remotely from a mobile device. Patients can also request an e-visit or telehealth session directly from the app, saving you on valuable travel time, and improving the patient experience. Disease-specific health kits monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and saturation and more.

What is CCM?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognizes CCM as essential to improve the health care quality for millions of Americans burdened by chronic diseases. Each person suffering from the diseases are at significant risk for acute exacerbation/decompensation, function decline or death.

Can RPM and CCM be managed together?

Medicare recognizes the importance of using CCM and RPM together to holistically manage a patient’s chronic condition. RPM allows providers to better manage their CCM patient’s health by leveraging custom built home health kits to proactively collect vital signs and other qualitative data. The analysis of this data creates actionable information for both patient and provider. CCM and RPM are recognized as complementary and can be billed in the same month for the same patient by the same provider.

Why is RPM important

RPM allows the patient to understand and track their health which increases the accountability in medication adherence and lifestyle habits.  Providers can now be involved with the health of patients that require attention, while keeping it remote. The remote option allows the patients who have difficulty getting around receive care from their home.  This significantly reduces the number of hospital admissions creating space and resources for the those needing immediate attention.

The current amount of money spent on hospital visits from those patients receiving Medicaid and Medicare is incredibly costly.  With solutions like RPM, the patient who might visit the hospital to ensure their health is under control, the cost of these visits goes down while the value of the care increases.

What are the benefits of RPM?

There are many benefits to incorporating RPM solutions to your practice including:

  • Healthier and happier patients
  • Reducing number of hospitalizations and readmissions
  • Reducing the length of stay in the hospital
  • Reducing costs for the patient, provider, and overall healthcare
  • Allowing those with physical limitations to receive care from the comfort of their home
  • Reimbursements for the services
  • Patients are able to get involved with their health outcomes
  • Family and caregivers report an overall decrease in levels of depression and anxiety while caring for their loved ones
  • Auto alerts guide providers to patients who require the most immediate care
  • Improved chronic disease management
  • Improved patient compliance, satisfaction and safety
  • Increase patient census with existing staff
  • Increase staff satisfaction and burden reduction
  • Improved patient safety with ADL monitoring

What are the RPM CPT codes?

What are the RPM CPT codes and how can they be measured?

CPT code 99453- Initial setup and training

CPT code 99454- reimbursement for RPM medical devices $62

CPT code 99457- 20 minutes + remote physiological monitoring by clinical staff/physician/QHCP- $52

CPT code 99490- 20 minutes of clinical staff care management outside of office visits $42

CPT code 99491 – 30 minutes of physician care management outside of office visits $82

$156 or $196 monthly revenue per patient

Can RPM be used for new patients?

The CMS has ruled that RPM is only to be used for established patients with the provider. Meaning the patient must first book an appointment with the provider where they were collect data on health history and do a physical exam where the provider can then determine the current medical needs of the patient prior to solidifying a treatment plan through RPM.

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