Understading Your Patients’ Questions with Answer The Public

Understading Your Patients’ Questions with Answer The Public


For ​healthcare providers, understanding ​​patients’ perspectives ​​and concerns is ​​key to providing ​​tailored care and ​​designing impactful ​​outreach. With ​​limited ​​​​time and ​​​​resources, clinics ​​need ​​easy ways ​​to gain ​​insights ​​into ​​what ​​information ​​​​patients are ​​seeking, ​​what ​​questions ​​they ​​have, and ​​how ​​to best ​​meet their ​​​​needs. This is where Answer the Public, a free online tool, can prove invaluable. By ​​analyzing Google ​​search data, Answer the​​ Public reveals the ​​healthcare-related ​​questions on patients’ ​​minds. This allows clinics ​​to create more ​​patient-centric marketing ​​campaigns, targeted ​​content, and data-driven ​​strategies to ​​boost engagement ​​and build ​​trust.

What is Answer the Public?

Answer the ​​Public is a ​​tool that provides a ​​snapshot of the ​​ questions ​​people are asking ​​online. It scans Google’s autocomplete results, which display commonly searched terms, to showcase the search questions people are entering around a particular keyword or phrase.

For example, if you enter a term like “healthcare marketing,” Answer the Public will return various question formats like “What is healthcare marketing?”, “How to do healthcare marketing”, “Should I pursue a career in healthcare marketing?”, and more. It then ​organizes these ​questions into ​categories like “What is,” ​”How to,” “Should I,” ​etc. This format ​gives you insight ​into the types ​of information ​patients are ​seeking.

The autocomplete data Answer the Public displays is frequently updated based on the latest search trends. So, it’s ​a useful way to ​stay on top of patient ​concerns and evolving ​healthcare information needs ​through real-time ​search data. Best of all, Answer the Public is free, although some clinics may choose to upgrade their account to access more advanced features and tools. Its ​free features ​allow healthcare ​organizations to access ​valuable marketing ​insights ​anytime.

Using Answer the Public for Healthcare Marketing

Let’s walk through a step-by-step example of how a healthcare clinic would use Answer the Public for healthcare marketing research and how this knowledge translates into a patient outreach strategy. 

  1. Go to answerthepublic.com
  2. In the search bar, type in a relevant healthcare term like “healthcare”
  3. Answer The Public will produce results in a variety of categories: overview, questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related.
  4. Review each section to get an idea of the search environment of your key term.


The overview section gives a general overview of cost per click and the search volume. Clinics should keep in mind that the cost per click may vary from their own due to geographics, specific terminology and platform.  This section gives great general insight to the search climate for your chosen word or phrase. 

Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons:

These sections organize the questions and phrases with the highest search volume. When it comes to answering patients’ questions, clinics can create website content, CTV advertisements, brochures, and display ads explaining key concepts directly related to the most common questions. Using website content with these words will boost your organization’s SEO, making it more likely your content will have a priority appearance when a patient makes their search.


Alphabetical:Healthcare I (1)

The alphabetical section highlights the most frequently searched phrases from A-Z with your word included. Not only does it denote the most common words by each letter, but it also shows which phrases have the highest volume across the board. This section is key to developing ad copy and website content that increases SEO by using the right words and phrases. 

This ​​data provides ​​insight into patients’ ​perspectives around ​accessing healthcare ​services, promoting ​​telehealth programs, ​​using digital advertising ​​platforms, and ​​more.

  1. Analyze each category of questions to identify potential gaps, opportunities, and topics to address through your clinic’s outreach efforts.
  2. Re-enter new search terms periodically to stay on top of the latest patient concerns and questions. Use these insights to shape engaging content and patient-focused marketing.

By reviewing ​​Answer the Public ​​regularly for terms ​​relevant to your ​​clinic, you can ​​ensure your outreach ​​aligns with ​​patients’ evolving ​​needs and ​​interests.

Benefits for Community Health Clinics

For community health clinics and public health organizations, Answer the Public offers numerous benefits:

  • It aligns with your mission of improving community health access and education. Outreach based on real patient questions and concerns can fill gaps in information needs.
  • Patient-centric marketing meets patients where they are instead of generic messaging that may miss the mark. Answer the Public data helps you connect with patients’ actual concerns.
  • You can create targeted content like landing pages, display ads, blog posts, brochures, and presentations to directly answer the top questions that patients are asking.
  • Addressing ​​common patient ​​concerns and ​​questions builds ​​trust and satisfaction ​​by demonstrating ​​you understand ​​patients’ ​​perspectives.
  • Answer the Public provides metrics to track which questions get the most searches over time. This ​​allows you to measure ​​what content ​​best resonates ​​with your ​​audience.
  • It is a free, low-barrier way to gain marketing insights without needing extensive expertise or budget. The ​tool is easy ​to use on ​an ongoing ​basis.
  • You gain access to regularly updated search data for a data-driven approach to outreach.
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization by not guessing which words, questions, and phrases are most common for your topic.
  • Answer the Public has flexibility to research any healthcare topic to meet your specific marketing goals, whether for a service line, program, event, or broader organization branding.

In ​​summary, ​​​​by leveraging ​​Answer ​​the Public, ​​community ​​health clinics​​ ​​can tap into ​​​​patient search insights ​​to ​​boost engagement ​​​​and ​​​​reputation.

Let Your ​​Patients’ Questions ​​Guide Your ​​Outreach

Connecting ​​with and educating ​​the public is core ​​to the mission ​​of community ​​health ​​organizations. Tools like Answer the Public allow clinics to view healthcare topics through the patient’s lens. By entering relevant search terms, you can see the questions patients are asking and identify gaps your marketing content can fill. Checking Answer the Public periodically provides an easy way to create patient-focused outreach based on data-driven insights into evolving community needs. For ​​clinics seeking free ​​resources to better ​​understand their ​​audiences, Answer ​​the Public is an invaluable ​​tool to add to your​​ marketing toolbox. Start using ​​it today to inform ​​your efforts to access, ​​serve, and engage ​​your community.  Contact us today to learn more about building a strong patient outreach strategy and how we use behavioral economics to further your message and affect positive change in population health!

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