online Health risk Assessments

Depression Assessment

This test is designed to help mental health professionals assess the mood, symptoms, and behaviors of people who are depressed. It is not a medical diagnosis, but it is simply used to give you an idea of symptoms and present you with an option to speak with a physician if you are experiencing depression-like symptoms.

COVID Assessment

Taking an online health risk assessment for COVID-19 can be a helpful tool in determining your level of risk for contracting or spreading the virus. These assessments typically ask a series of questions about your recent activities, symptoms, and possible exposure to COVID-19. Based on your answers, the assessment will provide a personalized risk level and offer guidance on how to reduce your risk of getting or spreading the virus. It is important to note that these assessments are not a substitute for medical advice and a positive or negative result does not guarantee your health status. However, they can be a helpful tool in guiding your decision-making and taking necessary precautions to protect yourself and others during the pandemic.

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