You Can Thrive with Diabetes, a Digital Health Outreach Opportunity

Patient health education through digital marketing? It may sound complex. But if done correctly, your FQHC can reach more patients with critical health information that will improve their overall well-being, help drive more provider encounters and lead to more successful patient health outcomes.

Let’s take Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support or (DSMES) Diabetes is a complex and costly disease that affects millions of people in the United States, and while there is evidence to support the clinical and economic impacts of DSMES, the service remains widely underused at the clinic level.

DSMES can help your patients learn how to manage their diabetes and be as healthy as possible by focusing on seven self-care behaviors: healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, healthy coping and reducing risks. And if it’s offered at your health center, drive more patient encounters to this service! 

“Get information your patients need delivered through an agility digital ad campaign.”

At Target Continuum, we have more than 30-years of FQHC & nonprofit marketing experience and we’ve acquired a comprehensive understanding about the most effective ways to provide outreach to your patients in a digital world.  

Take a look at a recent digital advertising campaign we designed for one of our clients. We simplified the complex health messaging of diabetes management and patient self-education, using a display ad campaign that engages the patient to take control of their health, and more importantly their numbers.

“Education through advertising if a key strategy to help build confidence in your patient population and drive more encounters at the clinic level” said Tim Calahan, Senior Marketing Manager, and Communications Strategist at Target Continuum. “You can take a key health message that a provider would deliver to a patient in an exam room, and deliver that same message in the palm of their hand through a smartphone or connected device.” 

“Connecting your patients and providing educational opportunities as part of your marketing and outreach strategy is key.”

Considerable evidence exists linking DSMES participation and education to positive changes in health behaviors and improved diabetes-related outcomes benefits Improved hemoglobin A1c levels

  • Improved control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Higher rates of medication adherence
  • Fewer or less severe diabetes-related complications
  • Healthier lifestyle behaviors, such as better nutrition, increased physical activity, and use of primary care and preventive services

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