Open Enrollment 2023

Open Enrollment 2023

The Open Enrollment season for 2023 is upon us. This begins a hectic 45-day season to renew existing enrollees and getting new applicants into Health Insurance Marketplace coverage across the nation. 


For 2023, Open Enrollment runs from November 1, 2022, and ends on January 15, 2023. Getting the currently enrolled to renew their policies is critical in reducing coverage gaps, but each state prefers its own approach to coverage enrollments, re-enrollments and renewals vary. As a result, this turns out to be a frenzied season for most federally qualified healthcare clinics (FQHC) when it really doesn’t have to be. 


One of the biggest hurdles for health facilities is keeping up with the demand for information and attention from patients. They can easily derail activities and overtake any other productive work. However, with the proper healthcare outreach strategies, FQHCs can get potential candidates to find the right information to help them renew or take up coverage as endorsed by the state. 


The end-of-the-year benefit deadline and lifestyle changes carve fresh opportunities to capture prospective patients’ attention transitioning off/on of plans, searching for specialty services or moving to new locations. But while patients could still enroll for marketplace health plan beyond the open enrollment period, it is important to maximize the enrollment during this period to minimize ensure patients are covered for the entire year. 

This guide covers the essential steps FQHCs can take to maximize enrollment during the open enrollment window.

Change to Open Enrollment 2023

Here are a few changes or improvements to anticipate this open enrollment 2023 season. 

  • The IRS Has Set the 2023 Health Plan Premium Affordability Threshold at 9.12% of Pay

Healthcare premiums are expected to rise again in 2023, meaning out-of-pocket will cost even more. Due to the rising inflation, employees expecting more healthcare services, and policy-specific changes, most people won’t be choosing the same plans as before. The Internal Revenue Service announced that an employer’s lowest self-only health plan premium for 2023 cannot surpass 9.12% of their pay. This is a reduction from 2022’s 9.61%. 

  • Open Enrollment Plans for Post-Pandemic Optimization Gets Underway

Parties can now select an in-person, hybrid, or fully remove open enrollment, depending on what is best for the parties. 

  • Inflation is Affecting Patients’ Choices at Open Enrollment

Almost 50% of Americans may find it hard to pay for healthcare benefits. 40% of Americans are also confident that inflation will make them revise their benefits for the open enrollment 2023. 

Other changes to open enrollment as set by different healthcare providers include:

  • Additional medical plan options
  • Alternative medicine coverage
  • Expanded mental health services
  • Increased life insurance coverages.

Regardless of the general and updated changes to open enrollment for healthcare providers, healthcare clinics still ought to tighten their marketing efforts to increase leads and conversion. 

Increase Patient Retention Using Creative and Visually Appealing Display Ads

In the modern era, patients use the internet to find answers to every one of their health-related questions. They also use the internet to find the best local healthcare providers. Healthcare marketers use different forms of marketing to acquire and retain patients, such as creative and visually appealing display ads.


Display ads are more passive compared to pay-per-click advertising. These ads bring online synergy between all your advertisement. Prospects typically spend most of their time passively searching and browsing web pages. As such, display ads allow healthcare marketers to lead prospective patients to click on the ads immediately or return when they are ready to seek medical services.


Between July and November 2020, healthcare marketers in the US spent $199.2 million and $57.6 million on desktop display ads and mobile display ads, respectively. Moreover, according to Insider Intelligence, there has been a 14.3% digital ad spending growth for the health and pharma industry. 


The creative nature of digital ads can attract prospective patients and keep them engaged in your brand message. In turn, an engaged prospect increases your chances of conversion and retention

Digital Marketing Services for Your Open Enrollment Campaign

Target Continuum is a reliable healthcare digital marketing agency with various services to favor your marketing campaign. Here is how our services can benefit your new patient outreach (open enrollment campaigns). 


  • Digital/ Display Ads Targeting and Search Retargeting

Digital advertising has evolved significantly, allowing us to micro target your ads to precise audiences. We use a combination of audience insights and traffic data to help you find the right placements at the lowest CPM. We also help you retarget patients who previously expressed interest in your services but didn’t reach out.


  • Connected TV

Our connected TV campaign allows you to reach your audience on smart TVs and OTT devices. In addition, our programmatic expertise naturally scales to connected TV, where our clients notice massive growth in conversion volume, in-store traffic, and other business outcomes. 

With years of performance marketing experience, we are uniquely positioned to help you exceed your connected TV goals via:


  • Inventory strategy. We curate customized inventory via unique agency/publisher relations. Our connected TV advertising experts have access to various publishers to help your healthcare brand scale its connected TV campaign efficiently. 
  • Ongoing audience optimization. We leverage various data sets to design a high volume of unique prospective patient audiences for ongoing testing and optimization. 
  • Robust measurement. We also extend our data-driven performance marketing expertise and philosophy to connected TV marketing. In addition, we measure the impact of your connected TV campaign using a robust set of metrics to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t
  • Optimizing Landing Pages/ Web Forms

A landing page is the first point of contact with prospective patients. If it is less optimized, you risk losing a potential conversion. We help you optimize your landing pages to increase your chances of converting prospects. We also help you create a visible, detailed, and easy-to-use web form for prospective patients to reach out to you.


  • Content Material on Open Enrollment

Well-optimized content with a clear call-to-action is a sure way to get prospects interested. As the open enrollment season is approaching, we can help you discover and create highly engaging content to increase patient engagement and retention, as well as conversion rates. 


  • Search Ads/ Retargeting Campaigns

Responsive search ads allow you to find the best way to match users’ search intent and elevate your campaign’s performance. We can help you set up highly productive search ads and also kickstart your retargeting campaign to convert dormant prospects.

How to Attract Different Demographics


Are you targeting a new audience with a focus on age, income, and race? Practical steps to attract different demographics without losing focus on your current audience include:

  • Start with data and research
  • Build customer personas
  • Segment wisely to make your content more specific and relevant
  • Lead with the benefits that attract your target audience
  • Try new tactics such as automation, re-marketing, and influencers. 

Bottom Line


As the next open enrollment season is approaching, healthcare marketers are taking it upon themselves to increase their outreach and marketing efforts. Target Continuum can help you optimize and improve your campaign’s strategy to increase brand awareness and prospects. 

We believe that your brand should convey a unified narrative, and we’ll walk you through the fundamentals of creating a world defining brand. Hungry for change? We’ll help you grow with   the strategies used by globally recognized brands employ to dominate their markets. Contact us to learn more from our in-house healthcare industry marketing experts.

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